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First Assamese monthly magazine - Jonaki

In this article, I am going to tell you about first Assamese monthly magazine "Jonaki" which was published from Kolkata (1889-1898) and Guwahati (1901-1903). In this magazine, we got our first Assamese romantic poem, first Assamese sonnet and first Assamese farce literary works as well. "Jonaki" had a lot contributions in the development of modern Assamese literature.

Bismoi - Youth Magazine of Assam - Read Online

Assamese youth woman (female/girsl) magazine that covers latest topics of Assam like War in Assam, Politics in Assam, Sex at Assam, Health problem of female,Ask Experts of Assam etc. Read Online Magazine of assamese language Bismoi (Make Friendship)

Bhut chilli :Proud of Assam

In this article the uses, cultivation method and economic position of Bhut Chilli is discussed.Bhut chilli has taken a lofty position in Assamese society.Moreover this article provides the physical description of the tree.How to prepare the field for plantation of this saplings another important feature of this article.It describes the time of cultivation, time of flowering and the time of maturity.

Get Free Assamese Language Translator Software

Download Free Software for Translating any Language to Assamese (Asomiyan) language. You can Translate Webpage, Email, Document Files and others to any Regional Languages like Hindi, Bangla, Assamese through Softwares like Language Converter, Babylon Software etc.

Bodo Tribal Community of Assam

Bodo Tribal Community of Assam is considered as the earliest immigrants of Assam. This community plays a very important role in the culture and tradition of the state. This article will provide the information about the religion, language and livelihood of this tribe.

Barpeta's Bhortal Nritya

Barpeta's Bhortal Nritya is one of the most popular dances of Assam. This dance is mainly performed in and around Barpeta district. It plays a very important role in the culture and tradition of Assam. There is a short description of this dance.

Rabha Tribal Community in Assam

Rabha Tribel Community in Assam is a major tribe in Assam. The tribel community lives in Golaghat and Kamrup district of the state. It plays a very important role in the culture and tradition of the state. This article provides the detail information about the community.

Natyakala Bhatima. Laudation to the theatrical art.

Shankarian theater is capable of changing mind and society of human race with a view to construct a bold universal platform of fraternity.The theatrical approach of Shankardeva which was lauded by Madhavdeva is expressed in this article.

Read Daily Assamese Newspaper Asomiya Pratidin Online Free News

The Assamese Newspaper Asomiya Pratidin provides a whole lot of details covering from all the news interfaces of the state of Assam and global news. Read to know about Asomiya Pratidin Assamese Newspaper and how to get free analysis free Assam news in Asomiya Pratidin newspaper free online and getting to read Free Online version of Assamese Newspaper Asomiya Pratidin online absolutely free.

A banana is a natural remedy

This title is bringing you something very interesting about bananas. Do you dislike banana or you like to banana. Know about banana. Bananas - containing three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber, a banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. After Reading this, you'll never look at a banana in the same way again.

Priyosakhi : Assamese Women's Magazine

Assamese Women's magazine Priyoskhi , is true friend of a woman . Covers topics of wide range on Woman in Assam , Celebs of Assam , social Issues in Assam , Woman's Health , Babies , Infant , relationship , Pregnnacy , Expert's column , Beauty , Jobs in Assam for woman etc . Read on to get a Glimpse of Assam and Women of Assam . Find out the Office Address, Phone/Contact number, subscription fees/Charges for Priosakhi Asomiya Magazine.

Influence of gems and jewels on human beings

According to science the sun itself is a star but not a planet. According to astrologers, without the sum it is impossible to make proper calculation in the astrological findings.

Assam Tribune Newspaper: Read Daily Assam Tribune Assamese Newspaper Free Online

The Assam Tribune Assamese Newspaper has given a great support in dealing with all round aspects of Assam Newspapers and covering a great scope. Read the Resource to know more about Assam Tribune Free Assamese Newspaper, Assam Tribune Free Newspaper Download, Reading Online Free Assamese Newspaper, and getting free Assamese Newspaper Assam Tribune to your doorsteps.

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