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Popular Movies of Assam, Famous Assamese Movies

In this article, I am explaining the popular and famous Movies of Assam. You can get almost all information of these popular films of Assam here. You can also know the actors, actress, director of these famous films of Assam. read the full article to know more about these movies of Assam.

NewsLive - 24x7 Assamese News Channel - Online

News Live is the first 24 hour Satelite TV News Channel in Assam that airs lots of other Hot topics Like Assamese , Indian and world Politics, Women , Celebs of Assam &India , Culture of Assam , Kids' Programmes etc . Findout the Office Address, Latest News, News Time Schedule, Phone number, Fax number of NewsLive Television Channel of Assam and Watch Newslive TV Channel online.

Television Channels in Assam

Here you ca get the detailed information about all the Television Channels in Assam. You can also get the address of Television Channels in Assam. If you are searching the best TV channels of Assam then it is the best place for you. Read below for detailed information.

Shyamontika Sharma Assam Actress Biography

Learn more about this beautiful actress of Assam, Shyamontika Sharma, who has time and again wowed her audience with her acting skills. She has also put up some brilliant performances on stage owing to her dance skills. She is popularly known as Jaanmoni, The Sweetheart of Assam.

TV Channel of Assam

The Assam Television channels have emerged as the most popular mass media. They have emerged as the favorite source of information and entertainment

Jibon Bator Logori

A good assamese movie has improve the human behaviour , realtion , huminity ,thniking and knowlege.

Filmography Of Assamese Actor Rabi Sharma

Rabi Sharma, the handsome hunk of Assamese cinema debuted with hiya Diya Niya, the super-hit film that has a smashing box office record. Read on to get details of Rabi Sharma's Films.

History of Assam Film Industry

Article on Assam Film Industry and first ever Assamese Film. Read the detail information about Assam Movies and Assamese Films.

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