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Shankardeva`s Sutradhara :A comparative study.

The Indian theater of medieval period shows a similarity in case of a particular character which is known as Sutradhara.Many scholars have been discussing about the character and opine that the Sutradhara character of Shankarian Theater resembles with others. In this article I am trying to establish the Sutradhara of Shankarian theater as an incomparable one with some documentary evidence.

Clandestine factors of regionalism in Assam.

Regionalism in Assam is going to be doomed for ever due to lack of required vitality which could have been attained through the united approach of various races of Assam. But the proper zeal and pragmatic efforts are not yet been made by the concerned persons of this field.I am trying to reveal some aspects of this field and the indispensability of regionalism through this article.

People`s music and its creator Dr.Bhupen Hazarika.

The lyrical expressions of Dr. Bhupen Hazarica is one of the most important factor of his life long dedication.He dedicated his life for the upliftment of broad masses which can be proved through his lyrics.I am trying to elaborate his personality through the inner expression of his popular lyrics I AM A WANDERER - Moi Ati Jajabor.

The field of graft: from birth certificate to death certificate.

The Gandhian social reformer Anna Hazare started indefinite fast in New Delhi for a strong anti-corruption legislation in India. Having gained the support of mass people he compelled the Government of India to follow the lines he placed for the greater interest of the country.An effort is being made to discuss its related subjects in this article.

The four pillars of Shankarian philosophy.

The democratization of social system was the prime objective of Shankardeva`s Krishna culture. In this context we get the catholic sprit of uniting all under one umbrella with the feelings of socialistic completeness.In this article the socio-religious aspects of Shankarian theology has been trying to explain in a lucid way.

Sankardeva and Sibsagar:The well known mistakes.

The –Xa- is not properly used when the name of Srimanta Shankardeva and the name of the district Shivasagar is written. The said names are should be written using the Xa which denotes cerebral sound.In Assamese the Xa is known as Talabya Xa. But when the said names are written in English then the use of Dental Xa which in Assamese pronounced as Dontia Xa is seen. Read this article to know more about this.

The myth of Assamese Bihu dance and Dhol (drum).

Bihu festival and the Bihu dance were completely separate for a section of Assamese people. But the scenario of Assam is giving us many information of Bihu celebrations of various ethnic groups where the dance known as Bihu dance is intermingled with Bihu festival.Now Bohag Bihu is not a mere festival, it is not a season, not a month of Assamese calendar, it is the life line of Assamese race and the courage of broad Assamese masses.

Shankardeva: The singer, lyricist, musicologist of medieval India and the creator of Borgeet.

Borgeets are known as a devotional song of Vaishnava which has no resemblance with other songs of same series because of its unique exceptionality. The melody and the lyrical quality of Borgeets lead everyone to the transcendental oneness. Though the Borgeets are devotional in nature but some sociological revolutionary tendencies are also found in them.This article contains such subjects in detail.

Mask theater: a splendid tradition of shankarian theater art.

Assamese mask theater is going to decay. Therefore a Congregational effort of practicing and popularizing the mask theater in a scientific way is a call of time, which must be responded without fail for the sake of Assamese theatrical art and tradition.

Brajabuli language: A resplendent heritage of the world theater.

Brajabuli language was created by Shankardeva.He also introduced prose in Indian theatrical art.All these subjects are not yet been properly analysed.An approach is being made to outline the truth of Shankarian theatrical art and its impact on Indian theater.

Shankarian Theater and Krishna Culture

Shankarian theater can be defined as a Assamese theater of 15 th century innovated by Shankardeva, the great Vaishnavite monk of India and later nurtured by his disciples, to enlighten the people of North East India, irrespective of cast or creed in the line of socio-cultural-educational and ethical field, along with, never ending, incomparable, debonair Krishna culture. Shankarian theater is a popular theater of Assam which has been practicing in the state till today.

Beautician Course in Assam

It is a normal passion of majority individuals to be beautiful and charm with the grace possessed the best. Although some individuals are born beautiful in true sense, it is not always the case with majority. Following some certain food habits and beauty tips with regard to skin caring, hair and way of dressing can create overall appearance quite appealing and everlasting.

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