Clandestine factors of regionalism in Assam.

Regionalism in Assam is going to be doomed for ever due to lack of required vitality which could have been attained through the united approach of various races of Assam. But the proper zeal and pragmatic efforts are not yet been made by the concerned persons of this field.I am trying to reveal some aspects of this field and the indispensability of regionalism through this article.

Regionalism and its relevancy.

Regionalism is not anti-nationalism as presumed by a section of people. It is a political and economical agenda through which both Assam and India will be strengthened on the basis of equality among small and big communities of India instead of centripetal political power and wealth. But for the growth of such healthy environment the amendment of the Indian constitution seems inevitable. Because the true federal structure of India can ensure true development of Indian people. Right to self determination has already been patronized indirectly by the Government of India under the sixth schedule of Indian constitution where the right to secede is not entertained. In such a way for the peaceful development of India without any regional displease and imbalance, reformation of India on true federal structure is the call of time which will be grounded in near future without fail. As a multi-racial, multi-lingual nation it opposes the unitary characteristics of central Government. Only because of the part played by the Government of India dissuading the truth of federalism in India a few followers of the regionalist trends are diverting themselves for arm struggle and encourages the growth of secessionist tendencies. No state machinery will be capable of resisting the force of regionalism which has been tracked for rising in every province of India. It is the ground reality which should not be disregarded.

Present scenario.

The people of Assam believe that the present regionalist trend of Assam is carrying a big beautiful zero for the people of Assam. Regionalism of Assam is stated as misnomer by the people of Assam and expects it in its plausible form of incessant. Because the attenuated trend of regionalism provokes the common regionalists and search for rejuvenation also being cordoned by some surreptitious factors of its old house of Ambari, Guwahati. Every common people of this state opines that the club base regionalism [ indicates Ambari House as regionalist club] consisting with a group of members is to be replaced by organizational base regionalism with broad base agenda covering entire cast, creed, religion and newly merged people of different races of Assam. It should be clear to all that the representational leadership without being lapse of any ethnic and aboriginal people of Assam will be the prime characteristics of the said form where the present funeral attendees of regionalism will be terminated. It should be the holy duty of regionalist political culture not to divert the ballot box to a tender box. But lastly it must be acknowledged that the regionalist parties are treating ballot box as tender box harmonizing with the nationalist political parties and the whole system has already been diverted to a contractual system of five years power gaining game parlor. It was unfortunate that the regionalist club of Ambari united with an Indian political party exterminating its aims and objectives only because of grabbing power to fulfill the desires of some club members which has qualified the club to be marked as black listed by the people of the state. So a change in its foundation is desired by the common people who have been carrying the regionalist feelings in them for the equal growth of total change.

What`s new in the regionalist trend of Assam?

The regionalist party of Assam declared that they will work on the political solution of the insurgency problem in Assam, rooting out of fundamentalism, halting of infiltration, implement the Assam Accord, work for welfare of ethnic communities and inclusion of six agitating communities in the scheduled tribe list. People don't have any newness and adorability on these statements. Because though these factors are very important but other political parties are also focusing these aspects for gaining public support. Corruption free prosperous Assam is our goal. Infiltration free Assam is our promise. Unity peace and progress is our motto. These slogans carry no attraction to the common people. Because same slogans are commonly uttering by many nationalist political parties more accurately on all India basis to motivate people for their support. Then what`s new and attainable through supporting the regionalist trend of Assam? People fall in dilemma incase of deciding these factors. Because the present regionalist trend has no any wide-angle view on actuality and pragmatic step to unite all indigenous and aboriginal people which can enrich the trend. It should have some agenda through which people will be convinced on present and future benefit along with long lasted security on socio-economical, cultural and educational aspects irrespective of cast creed and religion. The present regionalism of Assam starts from Ambari, comes out in time of election to visit Jalukbari to Betbari and remains silence for 5 years resting at Ambari.

Feelings of indigenous people.

At the very outset of the subject it must be emphasized that regionalist political party should not follow the foot prints of Indian nationalist parties. The subject of regional economy is not isolated from the political trend which is designed for the greater interest of the region. No Indian nationalist political parties are capable of contributing for the benefit of regional economy because of the system prevails. Because it is a system through which capitalist and imperialist trends are to be entertained. Though India is said to be the largest democratic country but the government of India is bound to follow the dictations of capitalist. It was an unseen agreement signed in time of independence which is to be followed by any Government of any political parties. In reality every regionalist person feels that the Unitarian Indian Government will not make a proper foundation of federalism for peaceful growth of various races and tribes of this country. It is the regionalism through which the small big races and tribes of this country would be able to reach the desired goal fulfilling its day today needs and future expectations. In case of Assam it is expected that the regionalist party should have boldness depending on representatives of various ethnic groups with the assurance of their present and future security in the line of socio-economic and cultural life. But the People of Assam has not been experienced of any deed performed by the regionalist club which were expected to be done for the greater interest of various small and big races centering the ethnic and aboriginal people of Assam. The common people rightly experienced that they are quite safe under the governance of Indian national political parties in comparison with so called regional party or organization or presently popularized as a regionalist club of Assam where some sorts of progress is well assured. However it must be mentioned that the entreaty of common people is still serviceable for creation of proper environment of progressive regionalist attitude with the hope of enriching the future of Assam without being deceit of any ethnic and aboriginal people of Assam. Lastly the Government of India becomes immensely anxious to provide autonomous power to the various scheduled tribes showing the benefit of common people of the respective tribes under 6th schedule of constitution of India. It is a process of digging out of foundation of regionalism. The tribes who have already been enjoying the autonomous power will not be interested to be united with the regionalist party and through this process the effort of regionalisms will lose its relevancy. We don`t oppose the autonomous power enjoyed by the tribes and other ethnic groups of Assam. But in reality the divide and rule policy of Indian Government must be acknowledge in this context.

What is to be done?

Observing the dominating characteristics of Assamese racism the small and big races along with various ethnic groups of Assam have been horrified about their present and future identity along with socio- economic security. But this sensitive aspects are not yet been understood by the members of the said club of Ambari. It is not a subject to be astonished because many unfits got fitness certificates through an emotional wave of Assam for which the people of Assam is still repenting with deep grief and sorrows. Therefore the people of Assam are now aware of the peace talk in between ULFA and Government of India. It must be stated here that the flatteries are still trying to show some variegated emotional fireworks which can divert the trend to a fruitless field. The revolutionary leaders should try to identify these flatteries and the serious politicians also should have the same effort. Otherwise the wave of 1985 will be seen by the members of Ambari club as mirage for coming fifty years. It must be proclaimed here that many regionalist senior leaders are popular in their respective places but because of the organizational fall they face unwanted situation which is understood by the concerned leaders and his followers. In the last 2011 assembly election many competent leaders experienced the same only because of the poor leadership which is treated as organizational fall. If the members of the club are not in the position to understand the reality for vested interest then the public dissertation is the ultimate result. This has already been experienced by the club members. It is the last time for Ambari club to reinforce the regionalist party to cope up with various demands and sentiments of races and ethnic groups of people who has been waiting for rejuvenation of progressive regionalism in Assam. The change of leadership means quite new face and factualism avoiding the so called experienced leaders who has been enjoying leadership from its inception.


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