The field of graft: from birth certificate to death certificate.

The Gandhian social reformer Anna Hazare started indefinite fast in New Delhi for a strong anti-corruption legislation in India. Having gained the support of mass people he compelled the Government of India to follow the lines he placed for the greater interest of the country.An effort is being made to discuss its related subjects in this article.


[The Gandhian social reformer Anna Hazare started indefinite fast in New Delhi for a strong anti-corruption legislation in India. Having gained the support of mass people he compelled the Government of India to follow the lines he placed for the greater interest of the country. In the eve of his victory which has been focussed as public victory and victory of democracy the need of following analysis is felt.]
Graft is an aspect of human nature which enriched on the greediness of self imperativeness in socio-economical, political, cultural and even religious field. The greediness of self imperativeness is seen in individualistic and collective form of our society. And again the greediness of self imperativeness gets nurtured by the manure of socio economical, cultural and political produces. Outwardly it can be said that if the manure produced by the said aspects become desirably pure then the whole problem of graft and the broadly hated behavior corruption will be demolished from civilized society. But the matter is not so easy to tackle as seen. Because graft is not superficially rooted on socio-political, cultural and economical aspects, it has its trunk root in the intellect of people. Now the great question arises, when and why this type of grafter thought arranged place in the people`s intellectuality? To answer the question we shall have to analyze the history of our socio-educational activities. It will cover the elementary education to the higher studies and the family culture of all social strata.
The initial educational institution of man making is not other than our own home. It is the home through which the foundation of the intellect formed and gets developed on the basis of surrounding atmosphere. The surrounding atmosphere covers the socio-economic, cultural, ethical, political and educational aspects in broader sense. So it can be said as reciprocating phenomenon in between society and family. Where the home and the surrounding atmosphere is healthy as required for the greater interest of society and nation then a required output of intellect can be expected in every person of the society. Every family will have to carry a culture of their own which can be set with the collective phenomenon of the society. In every family the ethical, moral and righteousness to the individual or community works must be the root cause of family culture. In such circumstances the desired enlightened citizen can be bloomed and beseemed for the society discarding graft forever. The practicality of the explained fact is not a subject of five years plan launched by any popular government not even the external effort of any socio-cultural organizations for getting instant results. It will have to be a revolutionary journey under the ceaseless patronage of public and government with broad base agenda. In the said revolutionary journey the Government patronage will have to be enriched with the scientific socio-educational,economical and political agenda. As an example some aspects of education system can be explained here.
In the field of education the elementary education system will have to be reformed. The biographies of great Saints/Scholars/Scientists and the story of morality, pride of nationality along with teaching of various religions and whole hearted unity for strengthening socio-cultural understanding will have to be introduced as compulsory subject without fail. Geographical and cultural history, socio-economical analysis of past heritage and its future prospects will have to be introduced according to the demand of intellectual strength of pupil and students from elementary education to the higher level. Moral science and ethics of achievement for better life is to be focused condemning all sorts of grafter and slanderous activities prevailed in human society and the damage occurred for the same is to be defined through lofty lessons. Science and technology, men and morality will have to be given equal value in the designing of the lessons. Frequent investigation is to be made for the growth and application of the education system through the evaluation of intellectuality and the behavior showed by pupils and students in the socio-educational phenomenon.
But instead of searching the path of creative civilization of mankind the enactment of law alone will give us nothing for achievement. If we want to drain out the filthy water of a pond we must obstruct the entrance lines of filthy water to the pond. The aim of draining out of filthy water from a pond carries a responsibility of filthy water stoppage to the pond. If we engage ourselves without stopping the sources of filthy water than whole effort will be fruitless. As we all know that India is the most corrupt country in the world. But if we search the past heritage of this country we find that the honesty and integrity in public and private life has been the vitality of Indian people from the time of Vedas and Upanishadas. It is also seen that the religions practice in this country rooted in the same corm of truth and tranquility of Indian origin. It is very unfortunate that today India is going to make law for the graft and other corrupting attitudes to make the public servants accountable for the sake of purity, sanctity and reliability. It means that we have lost our traditional culture of making ourselves enlightened without being perceived by us. Graft is not only a disease of our public servants; it is spread from birth certificate to death certificate of our common people too. To escape from this dreaded disease every one of us will have to follow the path of righteousness as shown by our scriptures and ethics of Indian heritage.
No lokpal bill can make any change to our country if the common people do not have the required essence of sanctity to be qualified for the growth of civilized society. If the greediness of Indian middle class remains intact than the loopholes of Indian law will indirectly encourage for more collective grafter and subtlety of maintaining bribery culture (?). We should try to search the path of demolishing the same. The Gandhian leader Anna Hazare is making an effort to make law for barricading the miscreants and to punish them for their grafter deeds so that the trend of such deeds can be demolished. It is obviously a well deed of making atmosphere for enlightened citizen of India. But it does not mean that this is the ultimate way of achieving the desired goal for ever.


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