Influence of gems and jewels on human beings

According to science the sun itself is a star but not a planet. According to astrologers, without the sum it is impossible to make proper calculation in the astrological findings.

In astrology the sun has been recognized as a planet. Equally the Moon is not a planet still it is recognized as a planet by the Astrologers as it has adverse effect nd influence on human beings.

In Astrology importance has been given more on "Rahu and Ketu" as pjartial planet though it has no proper place. In reality. "Rahu and Ketu" are two crossing point between the orbit of Moon and Earth.

They always remain in 180° from one another. According to the judgment of northern and southern rotation of Moon whenever the Sun rays fall on Earth, the crossing point extend its influence. So the existence of "Rahu and Ketu" cannot be excluded from Astrology.

The sun is regarded as the father of the universe and Moon is the Mother. Soul is immortal. Without soul life has no meaning at all. Likewise without soul life has no meaning at all. Likewise without the Sun and the Moon everything in this universe is futile. The Sun is the root of everything, including Earth. Each nine branches concentrated to the effect of the Sun. Everything in this universe is governed by the rays of Sun. the science acclaims the activities of the Sun and this is the principal factor of the anticipation of Astrology. It is proved that the colours of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, deep blue and violate respectively. Though in modern science "Rahu and Ketu" has no place yet two dynamic rays comes from the sun. These two dynamic rays are ultra violet and infra rays.

According to geological science all gems are separate minerals. In different situations and complex chemical reactions there minerals are formed in the different steps of stones under tremendous heat and pressure. These gems are not easily available. They are not placed in the common place of minerals but causes a valuable place. According to Gemologist these gems are the valuable source like the Sun. These gems produce a high pragmatic rays which cause high effect like the Sun. the difference between the Sun and the gems is that the Sun has the source of seven colour but the gems produce only a single colour. The colour of the gems that we see through our open eyes is not all buyt it possesses a different inherent colour. This colour was jproved by the scientists of USSR and this s known as Kirolian photographic process or Kirolian process. From this prcess the perfect colour of the gems can be found and examination reveals that Ruby possesses red, emerald green, yellow sapphire & Topaz sky blue, Diamond herb blue, Blue Sapphire violet, Gomed ultra violet, Cat's eye infra red, Pearl or Moon stone orange and Coral yellow can reflect the rays of the colours respectively. In reality Pearl and Coral are not gems they are Fossils. Whenever the same photograph of hand of human body is taken the lower part of the index finger produces blue colour, middle finger violet colour, ring finger red colour, the below part of the little finger indigo colour and the first part of the first finger produces orange colour and the second finger also produces orange colour from the lower part and yellow colour from the middle portion.

Generally from the different parts of the human body like head, forehead, neck, chest, stomach and the back and front of the waist reflects the colours like violet deep blue, green, yellow, orange and red colours respectively.

This heat touching examination of the scientist proves that Indian Astrology has played a singular part giving suggestion to put on different kinds of gems.

The reflection of the rays of the Sun on human beings, plants and other insects can cure different kind of diseases. Colours like red, yellow, violet, infra red are hot, orange, indigo and ultra violet are cold. It has been proved that with the help of high reflected red colour the disease like anaemic weakness and indocility can be cured. Equally high quality rays yellow, violet and infra red can cure indigestion of stomach and the diseases of liver.


Author: Christopher Fernandes16 Feb 2011 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

It's on the persons believes as there are every few astrologers who can really and accurately study Stars,Gems and the rest are just for making money.

There is always and opposition between Religion and Science as Astrology part of it is in Religion.

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