The Mishing or Mising tribe of Assam

This article is a part of the series I propose to write on different tribes of Assam . Here I would like to discuss some aspects of the Mising tribe of Assam. Tribes of Assam or Assam Tribal information.

The Mishing or Mising Tribe is one of the most colourful tribes of Assam with their unique style of living and even unique culture. They are also known as Miris (as Indian constitution still refers to them as Miris . The Misings as they would love to be called are probably the mixture of East Asian and South Asian sub-race of the mongoloid race. The Misings live at the fertile land in at the bank of the mighty Brahmaputra specially in upper Assam districts specially in North Lakhimpur , dhemaji , Dirugarh , Sivasagar , Jorhat and Golaghat districts of assam . The Mising tribe of Assam has lots of similarities with the Hill Miri, and Dafla tribe of Arunachal Pradesh in terms of their language style of clothing and also their culture .

Culture of Mising Tribe in Assam: Misings are unique in their style of housing. They live in thatched houses raised on bamboo stilts . This is called a Chaang ghar which means house on stilts . Under the raised structure they keep their domestic animals .This chaang ghar helps protect themselves from flood as they basically live in flood prone areas . They basically depend upon agriculture , and that is why they chose to live at the fertile river bank area.

The Misings women are born artistes ,which reflects in their designs of their clothing. They wear clothes that they weave themselves which very beautifully designed. Their food habits also quite different from other tribes of Assam.

Festival of Mising Tribal in Assam : The chief festival of Misings is Ali-Aye-Ligang which they celebrate during the month of February at the bigining of their sowing season . This is actually a worship to their god . They follow Donyi Polo as their God and offer lots of food along with living animals to Him .But now da days they also follow Hinduism .Some also follow Christianity.

Because repeated flood attacks mostly this community is now lagging behind economically. But they still live in the banks of the Brahmaputra rive and continues their unique cultural identity .

N.B As an Assamese I am proud to have such a unique , colourful and culturally rich tribe in Assam.

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