Birth of an abnormal baby at Nagaon B.P.Civil Hospital

Posted Date: 05 Mar 2010    Category: General News
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Yesterday,at around 3.30 pm, Deepanjali Bora,24 wife of Atul Bora of Kolongpar Halowagaon in Nagaon district delivered a baby at Nagaon B.P.Civil Hospital in Nagaon,Assam,I ndia which is completely abnormal in shape.

The face of the baby was quite different from human infant face and have stripes on the body and head. As the baby was born without eyeballs,its looks completely red blood balls. The shape of the head and paws were different. After hearing the news, the hospital was crowded to look the baby. The condition of the baby was not stable while talking to doctors.


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Category: General News

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