Anger definition and way to stop

Are you easily prone to anger even when you have to handle simple situations in your life? Then you must go through and follow these simple tips on how to manage your anger.

Whatis anger

Anger is an emotional feeling that is really harmful to the health and is generally the outcome of your stressful life or frustration in life. In fact it is one of your greatest enemies that ruins your life. It is very easy to become angry on certain situations of life but it is not that easy to control your anger at times. However you should understand the fact that it is not that difficult to manage and control your anger. During many situations in your life you get stressed or frustrated and such frustrated feelings result in causing anger in you for no specific reason.

There are certain situations in your life, when you become outrage with anger and during such time you completely forget your surroundings and you even lose control on your emotions. Such an outrage anger badly affects the health conditions and when you are unable to manage your anger, your health conditions worsen day by day and thus results in the destruction of the self. Moreover, control-less anger even breaks many of your relationships and makes you aloof. So, for a healthy and harmonious living controlling and managing your anger is very essential. Here are few tips on how to manage and control your anger:

Simple tips on how to manage your anger
• All you need to do is first sort out and make a list of all such situations in your life that cause anger.
• Try to understand what is the cause of your anger in such situations so that once you understand the situations well, you can manage / control your anger the next time when you face such a situation
• At times, even after your continuous efforts to control anger, you find it difficult to deal with your anger and once again you become a victim of control-less anger. During such instances, just walk out of the place and sit in a calm and lonely place preferably in a garden or so where you get some soothing to your intense emotions.
• Try to calm down yourself in such a pleasant atmosphere and try to forget everything for some time and try to divert you mind. Concentrate on something interesting / refreshing to your mind. Once you come back to normalcy, you can get back to your place and continue with your work
• During some situations, when you feel that your anger is triggering, then avoid involving yourself in hot discussions or arguments as these further triggers your anger and make you a victim of anger. So keep yourself away from such hot discussions / arguments
• As you as you become a victim of intense anger or when anger attacks you, try to understand it instantly
• Once you understand that anger has attacked you, try to calm down yourself immediately by taking slow and deep breathes. Breathe in slowly, hold the breath for few seconds and then slowly breathe out. Repeat this for 3-4 times. This is one of the nice relaxing technique
• Try to keep yourself engaged in some of your interested activities or try to develop a hobby of your liking and keep yourself engaged most of the time in maintaining your hobby. This will give much relaxation to the mind and gradually you can get control over your emotions
• Last but not the least, is meditate at least 10-15 minutes a day. Start meditation under the guidance of an expert and then continue with it. This is the best way of having a control over your mind and emotions as well