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    Flood engulf Assam again and affect more than 2 lakhs villagers

    Flood once again hit Assam and this time the scenario is much worst than it was before. Flood has effected more than twenty districts of Assam and more than twenty people were reported dead so far due to the Flood. About 2 lakhs people were forced to move out of their village and beloved house and this have surely effected the economy of Assam. The memories of the previous flood didn't even fade away from our minds that another flood hit 2000 villages of Assam. The top headline of the first page of any local newspapers is related to the devastating effects of the Flood. God have mercy all those people and we should pray for their well being.
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    Peoples of Assam have been suffering from flood for a long period. Every year large numbers of people face this destructive natural hazard and lose life, property as well as hope to live. Villagers have to leave their dwelling places, belongings and take shelter on roads, market places. This year the scenario is worse than earlier years. This flood problem hampers in the economic development of the state. Due to this flood problem and erosion Majuli the beautiful River Island which is located in Assam is in jeopardy.

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    It is indeed a very disappointing and tragic to witness the jeopardy in Majuli. Who could even imagine that the world largest river island will be in that states due to Assam flood?

    "When winter comes, can spring be far behind"

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