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    Requisition some new section in assamspider

    Ya, I agree with you. Particularly I claim photo and general knowledge (about Assam) section. Earlier I requested the same things like you to the previous webmaster but what had happened I don not know. we shall be happy if our demands come into force.
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    I really couldn't guess to whom you are exactly addressing to as 'you'. Anyway, I personally feels that reopening of some of the closed sections should be given more priority than opening up new sections. I know that assamspider do require some new sections but honestly speaking I don't really think the webmaster will introduce new section. So, the only thing we can do now is to request the webmaster to reopen some of the closed sections rather than new section. Anyway let see what the webmaster has to say to it. ( and I am still waiting for responds from the webmaster regarding reopening of the section)

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    Frankly speaking, during last month we got only 7 resources and among them 3 entries were from my side. So, this indicates the poor activity side of AssamSpider. Resource section is the main source of income of the site and this income is necessary for the maintenance and other payment related works. So, with zero activity how can we have more sections re-opened? So, I request you all to write atleast 10 articles per month so that we can have atleast 100 new articles every month from 10 regular users. If this happens for 3 consecutive months, I promise you members to discuss with webmasters about introducing new sections. Let us take a resolution to complete this simple mission to gather more traffic to our own portal so that we can have more new goals.

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