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    Bandh culture has paralyzed the whole Assam

    Bandh called by various organizations has become a common feature in Assam. It directly affects the Assam economy. Common people are greatly harmed by this kind of meaningless Bandh called by different organizations. No solution is coming out from the bandh culture. So, bandh should be completely banned to move a society towards the direction of peace, progress and development. What is your view on bandh culture of Assam.

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    Bandh does affect the economy of Guwahati in many ways and two successive Bandh is worst than anything. The most ironic thing about the Bandh was the the reason for the Bandh which if you look from a common man's view is so very idiotic. What did we get from the Bandh?? Ofcourse nothing, other than some injured people and more violence and so what exactly was the use of the Bandh? Idiots organization and their idiotic ideology.

    "When winter comes, can spring be far behind"

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    Honourable Supreme Court already has banned these bandhs some years ago. But still this is Assam's general practice for some organization. Actually they are trying to blackmail the government. Since these effects our socio-economic development, we should protest against these Bandhs by not stopping our regular activities. Goverment also should become strict with these practices.

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    Bandh is not the solution of the problems of Assam.It harms us in differents ways.The elite group of Assam should go to the Supreme Court against the organisation who calls bandh.Another bitter reaction is that the some member of the organisation become ferocious and they damage the private property. So,every kind of Assam Bandh should be avoided by Assamese.

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