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    What the game Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma has played in Assam politics!

    Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma, the Health and Education Minister of Assam has played an interesting game for many days which is still a great mistery for the people. Now, ending the whole controversy, he has joined his duties again to serve the nation or to make money for himself or whatever the reasons they are. After watching the whole drama, so many guestinons are being raised in our minds. Why did he play the game of resigning? If he joined his duties again or if he does not want to resign , then why did he pass the most valuable hours enjoying holidays outside when the whole Assam is in a hue and cry condition, when in Assam people are killing and dying due to communal clashes, when the ministers should be here to solve and control the problems? I think this was an issue created by them to divert the attention of the media and the mindset of the people from the burning issues or problems facing the people. Other reasons might be there on his plan of resigning. What are they? Hi members, please share your own views on this hot issue.

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    Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma's ten days resignation did arise various questions in our mind and if I am not wrong it is still unclear or let us say it is still a mystery about the reason behind the ten days resignation. Many say it was a part of politely conspiracy or something related to political (which I am well unaware of). Frankly speaking, most people were happy when Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma gave the resignation letter because he has not done anything worthy either as an Education Minister or Health Minister.

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