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    Is Central Government neglecting Assam economy and the current community conflicts

    Is Central Government neglecting Assam economy and the current community conflicts? The Central Government is not even taking the situation seriously ever though we all are well aware how serious the situation is. Everyday we hearing and seeing news regarding community conflicts in Assam. Due to the community conflicts, many assamese students were forced to come back to Assam. For far, the Central Government has not done anything worthy or has taken any appropriate steps toward it. The situation is getting worst day by day. The Central Government needs to take appropriate actions as soon as possible.
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    Yes, you rightly said on the very weak stand taken by the central government to tackle the burning issue of Assam. Till today no such effective immediate step is taken through which the problems could be solved and controlled. I think they have no need of Assam to form future India. Assam will be alive or not, Assam is in serious condition or not, it does not matter. Who cares! Only the capital city of India should be safe and protected. Because of this feeling, the Central Government is ignoring the issues related to Assam. One thing is sure that when the intensity of the problems will be extreme and when there will be nothing to save and protect then they come out to extend their help and what would be extremely worthless. One question always disturbs my mind is that why the concerned authorities are not aware or do not take immediate steps at the initial stage to tackle the problems whatever they are. This is the concern that if the government's stand remains same in coming years then it is sure that Assam will be under a different country.


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    Some black politicians are trying to divide us. Let us promise that we will never fight with our own brothers. It is the time to fight together against those black politics. Our unity should be our mega strength. Jai Hind!

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