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    July 2012 had been a bad month for Assam

    July 2012 has been a very bad month for Assam. From the GS Road molestation to the community conflict in Korahjarh presented a very bad picture of Assam in front of the world. The mob attack on the MLA also didn't failed to snatched spotlight on Assam in the wrong way and hit the headlines news of national news channels. The GS Road molestation had shocked the world and raised the biggest unanswered question ' Are our sisters, daughters or any female safe to walk outdoor after night falls". Members what are your responds and reactions to these incidents that happened last month.
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    Criminals do their black enjoyment and we pay for these. It is the time to do something, but we are still quite silent. Everytime local media fails to create perfect pictures of these issues. For example, you can consider the attack on MLA. Local media failed to give a clear picture about this crime. They performed with partiality against the MLA. Attack on MLA is always a big crime, whatever the situation may be.

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    Really, these are the three most shameful incidents that you stated in your thread happened in Assam during the month of July 2012. And of course they have made Assam a dirty state in front of the whole world.

    If you see the root cause behind the GS molestation case, we can easily point out that they were just playing a game with full enjoyment. For them that was a big shot for a movie in which they were acting. And the shameless electronic media by which every moment of the situation was telecast just like a movie shots. It proves the responsibility of the Journalists and the involved people that they have towards the Assamese society and culture. And I think it is the proper time that every responsible people of Assam should unite and make a strong power to protect the Assamese culture and its pride.


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