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    Community conflicts and future of Assamese new generation

    We are experiencing strange community conflicts in Assam time to time. Due to these conflicts and other terror activities, citizens from other parts of India thinks that Assam is full of terrorists. Which makes negative attitude towards Assamese people. On this modern age of globalization, Assamese people are always neglected and underestimated due to these strange communal activites, which is leading our next generation towards a blind spot. It is the time we should fight against black politics (dirty politics), terrorism, corruptions and black money together, distinguishing all communal thoughts. I we fail to stop these community conflicts we will be definitely a big looser in this modern society, which will raise a big question of our own existance.
    What do you have to say about this complex issue.
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    The same feeling is at the bottom of the hearts of every conscious and true Assamese people that you have. But the problem is that we have no such leading personalities, crusadors who can unite the all conscious people to raise their voice against these destructive forces. When some great people will come out to the streets selflessly with indomitable spirits for the sake of the nation, then we can expect some changes in coming years and it is of course a good sign that Anna Hazare has already started this revolution. Being extremely optimistic I genuinely do believe in changes and definitely it will happen.


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    Time is over. The young generation should wake up from their respective SLEEP and lead themselves against these crimes with complete Gandhi-ian thoughts.

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    Totally agreed. This is the time for a whole new revolution which should be initiated by the new generation only. With the help of the conscious seniors, young generation can lead better and faster this world to a new astounding height. Enough blood is split in the name of community and religion, enough politics is done with the life of human. Once, I myself had to face the remark of a person of another state regarding Assam. When I told him that I was from Assam, he opined " Oh, Assam. Your state is full of terrorists na? I have heard that in Assam, terrorists roam openly on the streets." I was so angry and ashamed that I only told " How do you know? I myself have not seen and met any terrorist in my life." I don't know whether he believed or not. But this is one small example of how people of outside Assam think about Assam. So, this is high time. We should come out and reform the evils of our society and begin a new era.

    "Oh, lift me as a wave, a leaf, a cloud!
    I fall upon the thorns of life! I bleed!"

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