Should we kill the strange spiders of Assam?

One of the very hot news of Assam now a days is the attack of the spiders. Now a day people are terrified by the strange spiders and as a result they are killing spiders whenever any spider seems unknown type. But, are they doing right? People should not kill them. Tarantula or the Black Widow species of spiders are not unknown to us. From my childhood I have heard about the Bagh Makada or the Bhaluki Makada which are much alike with these two types. But suddenly people are becoming conscious and killing them. We should always remember that no animal kills another one without any reason it is we, the so called master animal who loves to kill others without any reason. I urge the people of Assam not to kill the spiders and contact with the concerned person as soon as they are seen. If proper precaution is taken then why the spiders will attack us? We are certainly not their edibles. The government is also showing poor response here. They should at least give a notice about what should we do and what not to do in case a spider attacks.