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    Is reservation important in this 21st century?

    welcome everyone in this discussion!
    India is definitely a diversed country with different relegions and customs.It is one of the biggest democratic country in the world with a population nearly 1.25 billion.Our constitution is the longest ever written constitution in the world which gives right to freedom, right to equity , right to speech.I was wondering when constitution already has given us the power that we all are equal. why are we distinguished in the name of reservation? why a general student who score 70% dnt get admission or job in comparision to a sc/st or obc candidate who score 60% gets admission or job in govt sector.Recently , in a SBI P.O. EXAM advertisement, i saw there are total 5000 vacancies , out of which 2400 belong SC/ST/OBC candidate and rest half belongs to general candidate. I want to ask are there general people more or SC/ST/OBC candidate are more in indias population? Certainly the answer would be General.Reservation was introduced long back in 1950 when there was difference in castes and people don't allow harijans to enter in temple and debarred them from every important social functions.But now in this 21st century, We are living in a world of computers where every people are same and people hardly gets time to distinguish with all sorts of above mentioned things. why still this reservation exists ? Isn't this discrimination? I think its time to change the concept of reservation where people from economically backward background should be given subsidised books and fees or may be exempted from fees. But there should not be discrimination in terms of talent.Please provide your valuable insight to this important issue.
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    I am totaly against reservation. In a democracy equality must be maintained. Personality does not differ from caste to caste.

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    I am agree with you. In toady's world this is totally unnecessary. Yes, as some people are economically not sound, therefore they need some extra facilities from government. But it doesn't mean reservation. Especially in education sector and medical sector it is 100% not logical. When a doctor or a teacher gets his job on the basis of only reservation but not merit, are we not playing with our life and future generation. I am not saying that all of them are meritless, rather many of them has shown magnificent talent despite their economic condition. By reservation we are only disrespecting their talent and own capacity to get any kind of job in any part of the world.

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