Partnership share for June 2011

As per our announcement New Partnership scheme of AssamSpider, total 4 members qualified for partnership share, they were active to achieve eligibility criteria of 100 points with 50% points from resource. However total points achieved by them were only 1026 out of minimum 1500 minimum total points thus only Rs 1778.00 were shared out of Rs 2599.00 and Rs 821.00 remained unshared.

The partners of Assamspider for June 2011 were

Paresh Kumar Sahu - Rs. 598.00
Namita – Rs. 483.00
Ardhendu Narayan Rout – Rs. 404.00
Nidhi – Rs. 293.00

Revenue sharing scheme was upto June 2011 and few members capitalized the scheme to maximum level. Soon we will come up with some new interesting programs.