Partnership share for February 2011

As per our announcement New Partnership scheme of AssamSpider, total 2 members qualified for partnership share, they were active to achieve eligibility criteria of 100 points with 50% points from resource. However together we failed to achieve the team target of 1500 points and total points scored by all members was 286. Total 1695.00 Rs was to be shared for a minimum total of 1500 points, but as total points scored by eligible members was only 286, only 324 Rs will be shared and remaining 1371 Rs will remain undistributed. A bit more activity by same members or other members would have given more shares. However the share amount of these 2 members are

Bipul Bhattacharyya – 206.00
Sanglap Bhuyan – 118.00

I am sure in coming months we will get more shareholders and more shares and no money will be left undistributed.