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    Discuss: Assamese Film Industry discontinue

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Assamese Film Industry discontinue'.
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    There are many causes for the discontinuty of Assamese film industry. No doubt the causes are mentioned by you also reasonable. Another causes are less number of cinema hall, lack of technician, lack of acting knowledge etc.Influence of Hindi and English film also kills the assamese film industry.

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    Yes, I do agree with both of you. The golden days of Assamese film industry is over. Actually its down fall began along with its journey to a new pinnacle with the commercial success of the movies like Hridoyar Are Are and Jouwone Amoni Kore. It gave birth to a new trend of making commercial movies. Every movie was a hit. But, a number of producers and directors also emerged who didn't give importance on story, script, acting, direction etc and made movies to gain popularity and money. The numbers of movies were increasing but quality movies were only a few. Although Assam itself had a strong base of stories for the movies, the so called directors followed the Bollywood movies in a very poor way. The last nail was nailed by the emergence of the VCDs. With it huge number of VCD movies flooded the market. People also stopped going to the cinema halls. With the VCDs acting and storyline was totally destroyed. No one of them was able to touch the heart or to give full entertainment.
    Even today also Assamese film industry is not giving importance on the technical aspects like picture quality, sound etc. From my own experience,recently I have watched two award winning movies Jetuka Pator Dore and Mon Jai. Acting , story etc are fabulous, but the picture quality was very poor. Even the VCDs' picture quality is far better than them. I am not an expert. But as a general audience I expect more from an Assamese film


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    Piracy is the main disease behind the death of Assame film industry. Producers invests crores in a film and the mega collection of these investings comes from different theatres. Pirated CDs are available at Rs. 10/- per piece which is very less against a movie ticket. Again you can enjoy the movie multiple times with a CD or DVD. So, misuse of technology is the main cause of Assamese film industry's discontinuation. If we could Stop Piracy, we would go forward.

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