SRUTI's effort on Muga Culture of Assam.


Assamese silk [ Mulberry and Non mulberry.] is an inseparable part of Assamese art and culture. Today the one horned Rhino and Muga can be compared equally , because this two things are not available in the other parts of the world. But it is sad to say that the threat occurring to the smooth living environment of Rhino is going to be same in case of Muga silk worm. Every one is blaming the environmental pollution and lack of required atmosphere for this unwanted situation. If we study the various hindrances of rearing muga silk we can come to a conclusion that ,excluding the adverse climatic condition we have many other hindrances which can be executed through proper scientific approach of rearing muga.
It is known to all that because of lack of scientific knowledge , shouldering loss in muga cultivation a large number of muga rearers became tea and rubber planters. In upper Assam a large number of muga rearers have turned in to small tea growers which can be described as diplorable situation of muga culture. Instantaneous encouragement to the traditional muga rearers and new entrants of this field is indispensable. Otherwise increase in productivity of muga cocoon will be nothing except day dream.
Having observed the situation , SRUTI under the banner of RAINBOW NORTH EAST is aiming to dedicate for the humble cause of Muga Rearing. SRUTI will work ceaselessly for the growth of muga production and for the welfare of muga rearers including its auxiliary factors.

Silk Rearing Unit Of Trade and Impel [ SRUTI.] is organised under the banner of RAINBOW NORTH EAST. The reeling and weaving training centre of RAINBOW NORTH EAST is situated at Sundarpur Tiniali , Joysagar and its H.O. is at Milan Nagar Melachokar Sivasagar.


Extensive and intensive effort will be made from the side of SRUTI for rearing Muga, with a view to increase the production of Muga Cocoon , with the help of Government,,Corporate houses and Non governmental organisations.
Efforts will be made for the development of economical aspects of Muga rearers.
Muga worm rearing , reeling and weaving of Muga will be done for the better upliftment of rural economy.
The traditional Muga rearer's families who has already been diverted from the field of rearing will be encouraged for re-entering with man and materials.
The new entrants will be encouraged with a view to expand the individual muga plantation areas. Persons having individual somonies and interested for planting new areas of muga plantation will be encouraged and equipped with men and materials


Any rearer and interested to be rearer, belongs to any place of Assam can apply for the membership of SRUTI. Interested person can deposit membership fee of Rs 3/- along with filled up membership form in any month of the year. Membership form can be attained and submitted through the chief coordinator of SRUTI.
Members of SRUTI will always be in contact with the chief coordinator of SRUTI and will follow the guidance of SRUTI in case of rearing muga.
Members of SRUTI will dedicate themselves for rearing muga, following the guide lines of SRUTI.
Members of SRUTI always be in contact with the chief coordinator of SRUTI and will have to follow the guide lines of SRUTI in case of rearing muga.
Every member will have to sell his production to SRUTI at market price. It must be stated here that after gaining profit by selling the muga cocoon, members will get a percentage of profit from the yarn produced.
In case of any member, not interested for selling his cocoon can be abstained, depositing his production to SRUTI in 1:1 proportion. This rule will be applicable for those who takes techno-economical support from the SRUTI. Others will have no obligations.

Quality seeds will be supplied to all members of SRUTI. Economical support [ as loan ] will be made available for the members according to the requirement. The essential materials which are required for the rearers in time of rearing muga will be supplied in no cost. SRUTI will be in the first track to request for the government's aid to its members . In case of government's training camp and seminar members of SRUTI will get top priority, for which effort will be made by the SRUTI. SRUTI will shoulder all sorts of responsibilities to create the required atmosphere for rearing of muga uninterruptedly.