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    Promotion of Organic Farming in Assam through WWOOF India

    Get Involved in promotion of Organic Farming in Assam

    WWOOF Hosts :

    Grow food organically, live sustainably and generally try to live a low impact life. If you want to share your knowledge and experience in organic growing, producing organic products and/ or experience in more ecological and sustainable methods of living. If can provide healthy meals and a safe, clean place to stay. If you want to open your home to a diverse range of people, locally and internationally then you may like to become a WWOOF host. Start welcoming WWOOFers from all over the world.

    WWOOF volunteers ("WWOOFers"):

    Give time and energy to helping on the farm. If you are inerested in environmentally sound living, want to have hands on learning about biodynamics, composting, bread, wine, cheese making, building with mud bricks, sustainable energy..while living in the local community then volunteering with WWOOF might be for you.

    Willing Workers on Organic Farms : WWOOF India

    WWOOF is a network that allows volunteers to live and learn on organic properties/farms. It brings together Hosts and Volunteers ("WWOOFers") helping each other to make a healthier world . WWOOF India was started on 15 Aug 2007, it promotes cultural understanding of the many diverse peoples and cultures around the world through the intercultural exchange that takes place while sharing in the daily life of others

    WWOOF India focus on sustainable livelihoods and addressing issues of poverty, through community mobilization around income-generation activities combining cultural, craft and ecological dimensions of rural life it holds tremendous potential for both income generation and enhancement of the basic quality of life in the rural areas.

    What are the aims of WWOOF India?

    WWOOF India enables people to learn first hand organic
    WWOOF India enables town-dwellers to experience living and working on a farm
    WWOOF India helps improve communication within the organic movement.
    WWOOF India enables you to develop confidence in becoming self-sufficient.
    WWOOF India allows you to meet interesting people and make useful contacts

    The purpose of WWOOF India

    To create an interest and understanding for organic and biodynamic ways of living . It does this by producing a list of suitable destinations and making this list available world wide volunteers, thereby encouraging people to travel to other countries and increase their knowledge and understanding of other cultures, peoples and ways of life. We operate on the basis of exchange, board and lodging for help, and so allow our members to accomplish this as economically as possible.

    The WWOOF India list includes biodynamic and organic farms, small holdings, sustainable land use projects
    1. To help organic farmers and increase awareness in the organic movement.
    2. To give people the opportunity of being in the country and getting 'hands on' experience of farming and organic production.
    3. To make contact with other people in the organic movement
    4. To facilitate cultural exchange and sharing and to enable people to travel in a country and get to know the people and culture in a way which is not possible as a tourist.

    SEWAK Ngo through its initiative of WWOOF-India Willing workers on Organic Farms is gradually involving more and more organic farmers from India into WWOOF. We provide valuable guidance about marketing of Organic products to new organic farmers due to our vast experience in organic farming and knowledge of Indian organic certification system. Through a team of experts, WWOOF India is also giving consultancy to conventional farmers for conversion towards Organic Farming process. If you are interested to get consultancy regarding organic farming than contact the undersigned

    WWOOF India National Coordinator
    website :
    [email] mobile : 9837240600
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